About Us

About NR Rubber Products

NR Rubber Products LTD was founded in August 2016 by the Hand Family. We began working with recycled rubber back in 2003 when we founded Crumb Rubber Ireland. In 2009 we started making rubber products out of SBR rubber granules. In August 2016 NR Rubber Products LTD took over the manufacturing of rubber products from Crumb Rubber Ireland and have invested in automating the plant so it can run more efficiently, resulting in higher quality products.

All of our products are made with SBR rubber granules which come in various different sizes for different possibilities of use e.g. playground tiles, soundproofing, anti-slip mats, courtyard mats, coloured rubber mulch to name but a few, and one off bespoke products.

Our plant is based on the east coast of Ireland, along the main M1 motorway 80km from Dublin.

We ship worldwide by the pallet or container.

Our company is 100% Irish owned, and offer a 3 year manufacture guarantee.